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         Tools for Professionals in the Construction, Automotive, and Industrial Trades.

                             2930 Bay Road Redwood City, CA 94063

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                    Open Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm

                                              Holiday's Flier!

Drilling > High Speed Steel Drills, Drill Sets, Carbine Holecutters, BiMetal Holesaws, Augerbits, Countersinks, and more!

Drilling > Aircraft Drills, SDS Rotohammer Bits, Rebar Drilling Bits, and more!

Cutting > Lenox Blades, Bosch Jigsaw Blades, Skilsaw Blades, Pearl Diamond Blades, Abrasive Blades, and more!

Cutting > Knife Blades, Pocket Gator, Corner Chisel, and more!

Safety > Earmuffs, Gloves, WIDE VARIETY of Safety Glasses, Earplugs, OSHA APPROVED Rebar Caps, and more! 

SiteProtection > Zipwalls, Shoe covers, Tape, Carpet Shield, Door Jam Protectors, and more!  

Clean-Up > Brooms, Dust Pans, Contractor Bags, Rags, Windex, and more!

Fastening > Nails, Sikaflex 1A, Wood Glue, Screws, Bolts, and more!

Stainless > Stainless Steel Framing Nails, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Lagbolts, Washers, and more!

Fastening > Cabinet Screws, Trim Head Screws, and more!

Safety Gear                   Layout                              CuttingTools                            Dusk Masks                  Japanese Plumbob Reels     Skilsaw Blades                        Respirators                    Marking Paint                      Diamond Blades                       Hard Hats                      Stabila Levels                      Abrasive Blades                        Safety Glasses              Stringline & Plumb Bobs       Sawzall Blades                         Ear Plugs                      Gammon Reel                      Bandsaw Blades                      First Aid Kit                   Chalk Lines                          Bigfoot Blades                         Face Shields                 Crayons                               Hacksaw Blades                      Fall Arrest Harnesses     Pencils                               Table & Miter Saw Blades         Haz-Mat Storage                                                      Cold-Cut Blades                       Gloves                                                                     Non-Ferrous Blades                  Safety Vests                                                            Beam Saw Blades                    Knee Pads                                                              Jointer & Planer Knives             Tyvek Suits                                                             Router Bits  

Electrical                                                                Pneumatics                             Temp. Power Cords                                                  Rol-Air compressors                Pigtails                                                                    Prevost couplers                      Repl. Cord Ends                                                       Max Nailers                            10 x 12 Gauge Cords                                                Air Hose & Fittings                  Temp. Power Boxes                                                 Palm Nailers                             Jobsite Lighting                                                        Air Hose                                                                                 Flexeel Airhose Reels

Fasteners                                     Drilling Tools         Abrasive Tools                    Framing Gun Nails                         Hole Saws              Hexpin Floor Grinders           Finish Nails & Brads                        *Carbine Tipped     Baldor Bench Grinders          Coil Siding Nails                              *Carbine Grit         Cut-Off Blades 3"-16"            CIA/Covert Epoxies                          *Bi-Metal              Grinding Wheels                   USP Lumber Connectors                  *Diamond             Sandpaper                            Staples                                         Drill Bits                 Flap DIscs                            Wedge Anchors                             Rebar Cutters         Scotch Brite                         Square Washers                            Roto Broaches       Diamond Cup Stones             Nuts, Bolts, & Washers                  Countersinks         Bead Blast Cabinets              Lag Bolts                                      Counter Bores        Carbine Burrs                        Anchor Bolts (bent)                        Auger Bits             Grinding Stones                     All Thread                                     Rotohammer Bits    Diamond Hand Pads              Screws                                         Plug Cutters           Wire Brushes                        Stainless EVERYTHING                Core Bits                Sanding Belts                        Hot Dip Galvanized EVERYTHING  Diamond Core Bits                                              Sikaflex 1A                                  Step Drills (Unibits)                                              Simpson Epoxies                                                                                                   Neodymium magnets                                                                                              Subfloor Glue                                                                                                         Simpson Fastening Products                       .27 cal.Shot & Nails                                                                                  

Miscellaneous                                                                                                       Wood Epoxy                                                                                                          Ladders                                                                                                                 Japanese carpentry tools                                                                                        Red Rosin Paper                                                                                                    Rebar Cutters & Benders                                                                                        Blade Sharpening                                                                                                   Jobox                                                                                                                    Generators                                                                                                            Rebar Cutters                                                                                                        Tool Bags                                                                                                              Wrenches & Sockets                                                                                             Tapes: Masking, Duct & More                                                                                  6 & 10 mil Plastic Sheeting                                                                                     Expanding Foam                                                                                                    Bituthene                                                                                                               Clamps                                                                                                                 Dust Collectors                                                                                                       Ezee Shim plastic shims